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This site first publishes a journal of life on the Uganda Equator. It features the experiences of a rather green Irish academic who literally sold everything and packed her factor 20 along with some books and a guitar to start a new life in a sunnier climate. The blog is a sort of cross between Bridget Jones and Bill Bryson if I can categorize it as such. I enjoy writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it. Second, as the start-up journey has been told, I have taken to using this blog to ramble a bit about subjects that interest me. Happy reading!

7 thoughts on “Deirdre Carabine’s Blog

  1. Michael Ewbank

    Professor Carabine,

    Having obtained a few years ago a copy of your superb monograph, The Unknown God, and recalling how you began your epilogue, upon encountering the following couple of stanzas, I thought you might find them somewhat enjoyable, even if you may already know of them.

    When Noah left the Ark, the animals
    Capered and gambolled on the squadgy soil,
    Enjoying their new-found freedom; and the birds
    Soared upwards, twittering, to the open skies.
    But one soared higher than the rest, in utter ecstasy,
    Till all his back and wings were drenched

    With the vivid blue of heaven itself, and his breast scorched
    With the upward-slanting rays of the setting sun.
    When he came back to earth, he had lost the Ark;
    His friends were all dispersed. So now he soars no more;
    A lonely bird, he darts and dives for fish,
    By streams and pools –places where water is–
    Still searching, but in vain, for the vanished Ark
    and rain-washed terraces of Ararat.

    The Kingfisher, John Heath-Stubbs

    Best regards,

    Michael Ewbank

    1. Deirdre Carabine Post author

      Dear Michael,
      Thank you for the wonderful poem. I did not know it. I am glad you liked the book. Unfortunately, it is out of print but I have received an offer to update it and have it reprinted. That will mean very early mornings at the desk given my administrative duties!
      All the best, Dee Carabine

  2. maeve

    My father’s family, the Wright’s, lived at 72 Cavendish St and the boys were good friends with a Jackie Carabine. My father Louis was b1928 on Climate St and had brothers Malachy, Jackie, and Gussie, as well as a sister Mona. Most his family emigrated to the US in the 1950s. My sister and I always thought Jackie Carabine to be quite handsome in a James Dean sort of way in the photos! Just thought I’d share.

    1. Deirdre Carabine Post author

      Hiya Maeve. Great to hear from you. I remember when we got our first B&W TV way back, your dad Louis tried to get it working with my Dad. I often heard the name when I was a small kid. I guess they lost touch after that. Jackie died in 1999 with Parkinson’s Disease after transitioning from iron moulder to Judo teacher. Thanks for getting in touch!

  3. Douglas Nisbet

    Hi Dee,

    Happy New Year from Scotland. Do send me an email so we can keep in touch and get your news.

    Douglas and Patricia

  4. Marc Van Laere

    Hello mrs. Carabine,
    one day (in the nineties) I visited you in Uganda, as Belgian journalist for a Third World Review and host of the White Fathers in Kampala. We had a conversation (about the political situation in Uganda those days). Years later, a friend, Griet Samyn, worked with you together as e-learning teacher.
    These days, reading on theology and about Eriugena I rediscovered your name and this blog. I hope to read it all, especially also to find your work ‘The unknown God’.
    I hope this message reaches you. To express my good souvenirs of that day in the University, of you. My respect and best wishes,
    Marc Van Laere
    Vredelaan 14, 2500 Lier, Belgium

    1. Deirdre Carabine Post author

      Hello Marc, and apologies for the delay. I sometimes forget to go to my tats. Yes, I remember you, and was so glad you recommended Griet to come to Uganda. We had a very fruitful period of working together. Wow, you are reading theology! My book on Unknown God was re-published recently by Wipf and Stock. I think it’s also an e-book. In case you want to contact me faster, my email is And many thanks for the lovely comments on the blog in your next message. That’s appreciated.
      Wishing you a happy Easter and stay safe Marc. Best, Dee


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